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AFHTO’s 2013 Annual Report to the Members is now available

The 2013 Annual Report gives insight into the progress of Ontario’s family health teams, collectively supported by their association, to move toward their shared vision. This is a vision where all Ontarians would have timely access to high-quality and comprehensive primary care, and that care is informed by the social determinants of health, delivered by collaborative teams in partnership with patients and communities, and anchored in an integrated, equitable and sustainable system.

The association’s achievements are firmly grounded in AFHTO’s strategic priorities. These priorities are squarely focused on ensuring members are supported in all the key factors required to optimize quality and value – governance and leadership, measurement and improvement, integration and support for care delivery, and the ability to recruit and retain staff.

Read about the past year’s achievements in each of these strategic priorities – click on the link to go to AFHTO’s 2013 Annual Report to the Members.