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Kirkland District FHT Awarded Grant for Care Planning

Northern News article published on July 6, 2017. Article in full pasted below.
Northern News Staff. Northern News

KIRKLAND LAKE – The Kirkland District Family Health Team has received a grant of over $70 thousand from Boehringer Ingelheim Canada Ltd. that will assist with funding a position to assist patients with care planning.

The Kirkland District Family Health Team is committed to helping patients and their families address complex care needs and assist with management of these conditions using a multi-disciplinary approach.

In collaboration with community partners and the interdisciplinary team that is in place at the Family Health Team, the team will work to address the needs of patients that are frequenting the emergency room and have had inpatient stays at the hospital due to chronic disease and the co morbidities associated with such diseases.

This approach will provide patients with a group appointment attended by all care providers involved in supporting the patient and will help to establish goals, monitor outcomes and improve the overall health of the patient. This unique approach will also assist patients that are most in need of having a Provider establish ongoing care.

Tin Woolings says the initiative will make a difference to patients in a number of ways.

“So far we have survery some of the patients, we have surveyed them over three months. The response from the patients have been very positive. They feel that people understand their situation, not just their medical situation but their personal situation, that people are interested. They feel quite satisfied with the outcome and they are usually more knowledgable. They are aware of their plan of care moving into the future so they maybe seeing a dietician, the respiratory therapist and those appointments are all made, if they are required, at that point.”

According to Woollings patients are identified either at the emergency department, through being discharged at the hospital or identified within the provider practice, that you usually have complex care need and there is some more complex care planning is required for an individual rather than just a single appointment with the provider.”

Health Team Executive Director Mandy Weeden says they also “wanted to partner and form a collaborative relationship with the hospital and other organizations that are providing care to patients for a number of reasons. One was to not duplicate a service but to insure everybody was on the same page and working towards common goals fore the patient because often what happens is you get a number of service providers involved and they will have different goals for the patient. We identify goals that are meanful to the patient and are going to improve their health outcomes and their quality of life and have their family support them.”

She added “we look forward to working with our partners to improve the health and well being of patients. This is a very unique opportunity for our rural team and we are pleased to embark on this journey with patients and families.”

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