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Ingersoll NPLC & partners’ pilot reduces emergency service needs

The Oxford Situation Table is a panel of 15 agencies including the OPP, Woodstock Police, the Ingersoll NPLC and community organizations working together to mobilise services in rapid response to potential crisis situations. Recently released results from the Oxford County pilot project chaired by an Ingersoll NPLC staff member show a positive impact in the community.

Community Service coordinator and councillor Lisa Longworth of Ingersoll NPLC, the situation table’s project manager and chair, said there was a need for cross-sector collaboration as none of the organizations involved “could address the risk by themselves.”

With an increase in police reports of incidents related to domestic violence, mental health and social disorders, the panel was established to identify community members at elevated risk and arrange for intervention depending on their situation. Their goal is to reduce the need for emergency services such as hospitalization, repeated police visits, severe injury or death.

During the pilot project 44 cases of people or families at an elevated risk were identified. Of those 44 cases, 74% were connected to appropriate services for help, 13% refused service, 8% were informed about services, 3% were deceased, and 2% relocated.

The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services has begun implementing similar situation tables across Ontario.

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