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Essex County & VON –Belle River NPLCs to introduce physiotherapy and back pain treatments

Mar 31- On Friday Mar 27, funding for the Erie-St. Clair LHIN was announced including a new two-year pilot project to treat lower back pain and for physiotherapy in primary care. Physiotherapy, chiropractic and massage therapy will be available at the Essex County Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic, the VON — Nurse Practioner-Led Clinic and City Centre Health Care. The pilot is part of the province’s Low Back Pain Strategy in which other AFHTO members also participate.

Pauline Gemmell, executive director of the Essex County NPLC, believes these services will be popular. “A lot of our patients don’t have the financial resources for that,” she said, noting that keeping seniors active helps them avoid emergency rooms. “So this is an opportunity for more people to access the services. On top of financial resources, you have transportation issues, so access becomes a problem. Embedding physiotherapy into a nurse practitioner-led clinic really eliminates those barriers.”

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