MOHLTC rolling out Provincial Low Back Pain Strategy

In order to improve the quality and efficiency of treatment for low-back pain, the province of Ontario is launching a Provincial Low-Back Pain Strategy to:

  • Decrease wait times for medically-necessary diagnostic imaging, and
  • Improve outcomes for patients suffering from low back pain.

The strategy has three components:

  1. Evidence-based amendments to the Schedule of Benefits. Effective April 1, 2012. This change applies to all referring providers and specialists.
  2. Educational resources (e.g. a toolkit and continuing education) for primary care providers. These tools will help you better help your patients in managing low back pain.
    1. Phase one: Online tools in November 2012
    2. Phase two: Online and in-person continuing education training starting February 2013.
  3. A provincial pilot of ‘rapid assessment and education centres’ for low back pain. Launching November 2012.

INFOBulletin updates released by the ministry:

  • Bulletin # 11048 distributed August 28, 2012: Provincial Strategy for X-Ray, Computed Tomography (CT) and/or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) for Low Back Pain
  • Bulletin # 4561 distributed May 8, 2012: Amendments to the Schedule of Benefits for Physician Services – Effective April 1, 2012
  • Bulletin # 4563 distributed June 4, 2012: Computed Tomography (CT) and/or Magnetic  Resonance Imaging (MRI) for Chronic Low Back Pain
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