Evidence of Value

Video: Why D2D Matters – A family doctor’s perspective

Data to Decisions (D2D) is a membership-wide report on performance in primary care. In this 4 minute video, Dr. Michelle Greiver, North York FHT, describes the reasons she values Data to Decisions. Share this video with your colleagues, physicians and board members to start conversations about how your team could benefit from D2D.

Next steps for participating in D2D are outlined on the Data to Decisions: Advancing Primary Care webpage.

Additional AFHTO members have shared their experiences participating in D2D:

“I see D2D 2.0 as a unique reflection of interdisciplinary care. Reporting how we are doing as teams can help those of us in the trenches measure, improve and ultimately advocate for team-based care across Ontario” Cathy Faulds, lead physician, London FHT

“I see D2D 2.0 as a way to make measurement more reflective of how I work every day with my team and with my patients.  I like the idea of having input into what those measures are. D2D 2.0 gives me a way to do that” Rob Annis, family physician, Board member North Perth FHT (Listowel) and AFHTO

“D2D 2.0 lets me see how our team stacks up against other teams like us so we can see where the gaps are locally as well as across the province. This gives me a sense of pride in what we have already been able to achieve – and helps me focus my energy on what is most important” Kavita Mehta, Executive Director of South East Toronto FHT, AFHTO board member

“D2D moves quality improvement to the next level. Optimizing the patient experience happens when we measure the things that are truly meaningful to both patients and their healthcare providers.” Dave Courtemanche, Executive Director, City of Lakes FHT (Sudbury), QIDSS host team

“AFHTO members are delivering great value – D2D 2.0 gives us a way to demonstrate that in a way that we and our partners can see and act on it!” Randy Belair, Executive Director Sunset Country FHT, QIDSS host team, AFHTO president

Click here for information about how to contribute to D2D today.