Key Issues

Report from quarterly meeting with MOHLTC FHT Unit, June 3, 2013

Topics covered in the quarterly meeting of Ministry and FHT representatives included:

  • QIDSS implementation: how the allocations have been made and what to expect in their implementation
  • Physiotherapy in FHTs: timing and process to apply for positions
  • Health Links: staffing implications for FHTs that are coordinating and/or taking on care for more patients
  • Changes in Ministry reporting: ensuring FHTs have adequate training and lead time
  • Flexibility and accountability in FHT budgets: finding the way toward greater budget flexibility while enabling the Ministry to ensure good value and appropriate oversight for public funds
  • A number of specific budget pressures:  recognizing that 2013-14 budget packages are already in the approval process, these were noted with the view to improving the situation for the 2014-15 budget cycle
  • Transfer of rostered patients within a group: FHTs are seeking clarification of Ministry policy and application
  • As well as quick updates on other issues.

Understanding the financial constraints within which the Ministry’s FHT Unit must operate, FHT representatives appreciated their openness to involving FHTs, through their associations (AFHTO and AOHC), to find ways to optimize these scarce resources to deliver the best outcomes possible for patients.

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