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“Health Care in a Time of Austerity” on TVO’s The Agenda

Feb. 25 – On The Agenda with Steve Paikin, Claudia Mariano, Nurse Practitioner at West Durham FHT and AFHTO Board Member, appeared on the show to discuss the need for increased support for recruitment & retention in primary care.

The program, “Health Care in a Time of Austerity” focused on primary care reform in a time of fiscal restraint.  Panelists discussed OMA negotiations and the government’s intentions towards team-based primary care.

Panelists included:

  • Claudia Mariano, Nurse Practitioner, West Durham FHT & AFHTO Board Member
  • Dr. Rick Glazier, Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences
  • Adrianna Tetley, Executive Director of the Association of Ontario Health Centres
  • Dr. Ved Tandan, OMA President

A recording of the show is posted on The Agenda’s website.