Evidence of Value

Advancing primary care measurement with D2D 1.0 and the Starfield Model

Two big steps in our progress to measure, improve and demonstrate the value of interprofessional primary care:

  • Close to 50 FHTs submitted their data for the Data to Decisions (D2D) 1.0 report.  Whether or not your FHT/NPLC contributed data, the summary results can help you and your team. AFHTO members can access D2D 1.0 on the Members Only website.
  • D2D 1.0 is a starting point – the Starfield Model is the eventual destination. AFHTO’s approach to primary care measurement focuses on the relationship with our patients and our ability to deliver the care patients value. Its objective is to optimize quality, access and total health system cost of care for patients, using indicators from Health Quality Ontario’s Primary Care Performance Measurement Framework. The model and a case study of its implementation was just published in the Healthcare Management Forum – The Starfield model: Measuring comprehensive primary care for system benefit.

Getting the most value from D2D 1.0

To make sure D2D 1.0 is as useful as possible for you, AFHTO members will be asked to complete a survey that will guide the design of supporting materials. We expect that it will be the conversations, not the data themselves, that are the most important value of D2D 1.0.  The conversations that are already starting are making it easier for teams to get at the data they need for meaningful measurement, measurement that reflects the work and impact of all members of the interprofessional primary care team.

Learn more at the AFHTO Conference

Consider registering for:

  • Using D2D 1.0: physician-specific workshop on Oct 15, 2014, 10 AM – 12 noon
  • Performance measurement: why bother? Oct 16, 2014 from 9:30am to 10:15am Concurrent Session Presentation on AFHTO’s approach to performance measurement, mapping out the journey from D2D 1.0 to the eventual destination of the Starfield model.

Data to Decisions (D2D) 1.0

D2D 1.0 is a summary of primary care data that are currently available, comparable and mean the most to AFHTO members in their efforts to advance quality of care for their patients.  Please see brief slide deck for more information.

Please contact Carol Mulder with any questions or suggestions for D2D 1.0.