Kavita Mehta takes over today as AFHTO’s new CEO


Kavita Mehta, AFHTO CEO

AFHTO Staff - Angie 2015

Angie Heydon, outgoing AFHTO CEO

I am so honoured to join AFHTO today as your new CEO, following in the very big shoes of our inaugural CEO Angie Heydon. After working as an ED for 9 years in a Family Health Team, I am eager to bring my operational and strategic experience to the association, especially during this very exciting time in health system reform. I look forward to working with everyone and ensuring that together, we bring comprehensive interprofessional team-based primary care to all Ontarians!

Please feel free to reach me via email at kavita.mehta@afhto.ca or by phone at (647) 234-8605 x212.





It has been a privilege and an absolute pleasure to work with all of you over the past 6 ¼ years.

Thank you to the AFHTO membership for the energy and dedication you have put into delivering and improving high quality, comprehensive team-based primary care.

Thank you to AFHTO’s many collaborators – our partners in the Ontario Primary Care Council, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and its agencies, and many other important stakeholders – for your commitment to working together to strengthen interprofessional primary care.

As our Data to Decisions (D2D) results show – AFHTO members are moving the needle on improving primary care, and are doing so in a way that is clinically meaningful and matters to patients.

With Kavita’s leadership, experience, vision and determination, I look forward to seeing the further advances you will collectively make for the people of Ontario. Best wishes!