FHTs continue to play key role in Ontario’s Action Plan for Health Care

One year after releasing Ontario’s Action Plan for Health Care, Health Minister Deb Matthews presented her progress report today.  She called it a plan for “fundamental transformation” that puts “family health care at the centre of the system.”

Government’s news release and the Action Plan for Health Care One Year Progress Report both continue to highlight as a key achievement –  “200 Family Health Teams in operation serving nearly 3 million Ontarians and growing.” (FYI – This represents close to 22% of Ontarians, up from 20% 18 months ago.)

The Minister’s speech emphasized the important partnership the new Physician Services agreement has created, since it has made “a commitment to continuous quality improvement for patients.”  She also re-iterated the goal announced in last week’s release of the Seniors’ Strategy that every senior be attached to a primary care provider, and the expansion of house calls. The creation of Health Links and hospital funding reform were the other two topics she highlighted in her speech. (FYI – Seven of the 19 early adopter Health Links are being coordinated by FHTs.)

The Minister continues to be full of praise and gratitude to the people working in Ontario’s health system and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. With the Liberal leadership convention to be held in 10 days, she made the point of stating, “I do know each of the six candidates is committed to the Action Plan. … Government will continue to forge ahead with it.”

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