AFHTO Strategic Plan 2011-13 and FHT Survey Results

This strategic plan charts the next steps in the journey to establish FHTs as a highly-valuable and valued model for delivering primary health care to Ontarians, and to develop the capacity for its representative body, AFHTO, to be their strong and effective voice.

A draft plan, built upon the consensus achieved among 150 FHT leaders in November 2009, was sent out to all FHT leaders for consultation at the end of January.  On February 9, 2011, about 70 FHT leaders joined a web meeting to learn more about the plan and give initial feedback.  This was followed up with a survey sent to all FHT leaders to invite further feedback, and 127 responded.

Survey respondents were unanimous in their agreement with the vision, mission, principles and values proposed in the draft strategic plan.  The strategic directions and initiatives reflect the priorities indicated by the survey respondents.

The speed and strength with which this plan can be implemented fully depends upon the support of FHTs.

To access the AFHTO Strategic Plan 2011-13, click here.

Survey results  are posted on AFHTO’s members-only website. Log in with your FHT’s username and password, then click here to access the survey results.

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