84 Student Doctors Visiting Harrow & Leamington FHTs to Diagnose Future Practice Opportunities

Harrow, ON – This weekend, 148 students from the Windsor and London campuses of the Schulich School of Medicine have gathered in Windsor/Essex County to forge closer relationships between the two sites.

Eighty-four of the students have opted for a tour of Essex County. This group is here with you this afternoon. They have been split into smaller groups who have examined Leamington Hospital and the Leamington Family Health Team. They have been to the southernmost point of Canada and now they are at the southernmost Family Health Team here in Harrow.

Joan Mavrinac, our region’s outstanding doctor recruiter, has been responsible for coordinating this gathering. She has worked with student leaders and with all the facilities and sponsors to help make this a memorable day for our visitors.

Colin Mascaro is the 2014 Class President. Colin and Michael Byrne, both of whom are at the London site and both are from Tecumseh, proposed getting a group from London down to Windsor/Essex County to see some of the tourist sites and to package an educational element to the trip. “As things progressed, we eventually reached the stage where we felt a key promotional aspect of the trip was the diversity we could offer students from an educational perspective,” said Colin Mascaro.

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