Quality Improvement Plans in Primary Care: Moving Forward on a Common Quality Agenda

February 28, 2013

Ontario’s Action Plan for Health Care highlights a focus on quality in primary care. An essential element of Ontario’s health care transformation agenda is the introduction of Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs) to the primary health care sector. The QIP provides a significant opportunity for health care organizations to move the provincial quality agenda forward. Through the QIP, organizations express their commitment to a health care system that is patient/client centred and illustrate how they will be actively engaged in improving the quality of care Ontarians receive.

Health Quality Ontario is hosting a series of webinars to help you understand: the role of the QIP as a tool for driving organizational quality, who should be engaged in quality improvement planning in your organization, and how to effectively use indicators and collected data to understand your starting point and monitor improvement over time.

Please share this invitation with your organization, members and anyone you think that would benefit from these webinars.

Webinar Subjects and Learning Objectives

Completing Your QIP – Understanding Each Step

  • Understand the role of QIPs as a tool for driving organizational quality
  • Understand each section of the Narrative and QIP Template and learn how to complete both of them
  • Discover Health Quality Ontario’s suite of supports for Primary Care organizations

Quality Improvement in Primary Care – An Introduction

  • Discover who should be engaged in quality improvement planning in your organization
  • Understand the fundamentals of the Model of Improvement
  • Understand the importance of the the Model for Improvement and the Quality Improvement Framework

Understanding Measurement – Using Data in Primary Care QIPs

  • Understand the importance of measurement with respect to quality improvement
  • Understand the differences between measurement for: improvement, research and accountability
  • Understand the indicators identified in the QIP template
  • Identify methods to establish baseline data and targets

Who should attend?

These broadcasts are for Family Health Teams, Aboriginal Health Access Centres, Community Health Centres, Nurse Practitioner Led Clinics, and any other primary care providers engaged in quality improvement

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Completing Your QIP: Understanding Each Step

Quality Improvement in Primary Care: An Introduction

Understanding Measurement: Using Data in Primary Care QIPs

Please note that the webinars offered will only be available in English.
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