Primary Care Nurse Institute

March 23, 2014

March 23 – 28, 2014, Toronto, Ontario

Why Should You Attend This Event?

Participants will leave the Primary Care Nurse Institute with an overall foundation that refines knowledge, skills and competencies to support capacity for full scope of practice.

Who Should Attend This Event?

Any registered nurse who either currently practises in primary care, or interested in practising in primary care.

Learning Goals:

  • Enhance full scope of practice by supporting primary care nurses to regain/develop confidence in their competencies, knowledge and skills, using the Primary Care Nurse Task Force role descriptions/recommendations as a guide
  • Equip primary care nurses with the tools, resources and supports required to care for the highly complex health/social needs of Ontarians
  • Provide opportunities for exploration, discussion and application of primary health care nursing knowledge and expertise in the context of the Ontario health system
  • Incorporate a rural/remote focus as a component of primary care, as relevant

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Available funding

Nurses are eligible to apply for extra funding that has been added to the Nursing Education Initiative for continuing education in primary care. Applications must be submitted prior to March 31, 2014, to be considered for funding.