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Videoconference Series: Geriatric Mental Health – Some Guiding Principles on How to Work Psychotherapeutically with Older Adults

November 10, 2017 Online or Baycrest Hospital, Toronto, ON
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Please join us on Friday, November 10 for the GeMH videoconference education series commencing at noon Eastern time.

The topic is “Some Guiding Principles on How to Work Psychotherapeutically with Older Adults” presented by Ken Schwartz, MD, FRCPC, Baycrest.  It will be live on the 2nd floor of the hospital classroom room ABC.

Alternatively, you can participate from you own computer/laptop a few minutes prior to noon on day by Live Webcast by doing the following: search for Baycrest or TSM # 71383245 under live “public” events on http://webcast.otn.ca If you are not able to partake on the day, you can view it at a later date: webcast.otn.ca, select archived & public, search for Baycrest Geriatric Mental Health or date (i.e. Nov 10, 2017).

The evaluation form has been included and can be returned to Anna Virdo (avirdo@baycrest.org) if you would like a certificate of attendance. Please note this videoconference education series is accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.  For further details about this presentation, please see the attached flyer for further details.  Don’t forget to turn back your clocks this weekend.

If you are a site outside of Ontario, please let us know ASAP if you will be connecting so we can make the necessary arrangements.