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Promoting Healthy Lifestyles for Diabetes Prevention Using The Group Lifestyle Balance Program

January 16, 2017 OTN 12noon - 1 pm
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A live and recorded OTN webcast* event
Brought to you by the Primary Care Diabetes Prevention Program
Monday January 16th 12-1pm
*view from any computer with internet access, no OTN camera required

The Group Lifestyle Balance program is an evidenced based, patient centred lifestyle change program to help prevent diabetes (58% risk reduction) and lower risk for heart disease (41% risk reduction in metabolic syndrome)

Participants of the group lifestyle balance program:

  • Learn about healthy eating, meal planning, mindful eating, eating away from home and more.
  • Learn to slowly and safely increase physical activity with guidance and support
  • Learn strategies and tools for planning, problem solving and staying motivated.

In this one hour webcast we will review

  • More about the Primary Care Diabetes Prevention Program and the Group Lifestyle Balance program
  • Why the GLB program works well in primary care settings
  • And how to get started with this turn-key lifestyle program!

Access webcast live or recorded on your computer using this link, username and password
Username: Lifestyle
Password: Lifestyle1

OR contact your telemedicine coordinator to book your OTN Camera for the live event
Event #: 63130055

Where can I get more Information?
For more information about the Primary Care Diabetes Prevention Program, the Group Lifestyle Balance Program and training opportunities
contact us at

Diane Horrigan, GLB Master Trainer
519-323-0255 ext 5081

Sarah Pink, GLB Master Trainer
519-323-0255 ext 5085