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Cultural Humility Workshop

October 12, 2017 661 University Avenue, Toronto, ON 9am-4pm
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The Approach:

Cultural humility, unlike cultural competence, does not assume an end point but a commitment to life-long learning. It is an approach that helps us create equitable institutions through the intentional practice of meeting others where they are, addressing power differentials, institutionalizing organizational consistency, and focusing on unlearning personal biases

Workshop Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Understand the principle and practices of cultural humility
  • Explain the importance of personal identity to creating equity
  • Understand the role of cultural humility within a health equity framework
  • Practice a culturally-humble approach to your work
  • Learn how cultural humility can help to build a path for organizational transformation

Topics to be covered:

What is cultural humility?

  • The principles and practices of cultural humility
  • Equality vs equity: Cultural humility as a path to equity
  • Equity literacy
  • Understanding different forms of oppression and intersectionality
  • Defining culture
  • Having courageous conversations
  • Putting practices into action: Ways to develop culturally humble practices to advance health equity
  • Developing mutually beneficial partnerships with communities
  • How to build a culturally humble community in your organization