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Advancing Team-Based Primary Care – IHI Seminar

March 20–21, 2017 San Francisco, California
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Primary care providers are facing unprecedented levels of burnout. What can be done?

In the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI’s) recent blog post, Don’t Be Lonely: How to Fight Burnout Through Team-Based Care, Kirsten Meisinger, MD, faculty for the Advancing Team-Based Primary Care seminar, discusses some of the challenges and rewards of implementing a team-based care model.

Because many organizations have struggled with how to optimize primary care team composition, roles, and activities, IHI and expert faculty will run this critical seminar March 20–21, 2017, in San Francisco, CA. We hope you can join us.

Primary care providers today are overburdened: they strive to provide acute, chronic, and preventive care, build meaningful relationships with patients, manage multiple diagnoses, incorporate evidence-based guidelines into their practice, all while meeting targets on quality and cost. To make it even more difficult, there is a shortage of primary care providers, and an influx of newly insured individuals. It’s a challenging landscape, and in order to succeed, teams need to implement high-leverage changes and strategies to fully realize the benefits of high-performing, team-based primary care for patients, their families, and staff. Research shows that team-based care in the primary care setting is associated with improved quality and safety of care, better health and functioning of individuals with chronic disease, higher patient and provider satisfaction, and lower per capita costs.

To help teams succeed in team-based care, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) is offering a new seminar based on over twenty years of experience working closely with primary care practices. This seminar will help teams optimize their composition, roles, and activities, as well as overcome challenges they may have previously faced like the lack of a sustainable funding model, infrastructural issues, and difficulty developing a culture of shared care and teamwork. Participants will leave with applicable strategies, useful resources, and real world examples from high-performing organizations.

To learn more visit IHI’s site.