Health Links Conference

January 22, 2014

January 22, 2014

Novotel Toronto Centre
45 The Esplanade
Toronto, Ontario

Health Links are voluntary groups of health care providers that will coordinate services for patients with complex health conditions who live in and receive care in designated areas throughout the province. Current data shows that about 5% of patients who are categorized under this cohort account for two-thirds of health care costs in the province.

Ontario is implementing 77 Health Links to encourage greater collaboration between primary care, specialist care, hospitals, long-term care, rehabilitation, home care and community supports. The aim of each Health Link is to connect and coordinate care for patients with complex health conditions by promoting collaborative partnerships among community and facility health care providers for the purpose of improving patient-centered clinical coordination and delivering better value for investment.

The various Health Links are in a variety of different stages and there are a number of early adopter Health Links that have become operational, while many are still in the planning phases. The conference objective is to gather existing and future Health Links, as well as all the partners involved, to share what has been learned to date and what to expect moving forward.

Program Highlights

  • Update on the progress of Health Links
  • Understanding the target patient population cohort for Health Links
  • Lessons learned from early adopter Health Links
  • Strategies for engaging physicians into Health Links
  • Governance models and how Health Links are enabling partnerships
  • Engaging patients in care coordination
  • Supports and enablers for existing and future Health Links

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