Physician Networking Session

4:30 pm – 5:15 pm Dancing at my daughter’s wedding: creating and tracking patient goals with a mobile app and portal

Your patients want far more than an LDL of 2 or an HbA1C of 7%.  There are other things that matter as much or more to them than that.   This session will show you how to use a mobile app and portal to create and monitor goals that matter to both you AND to your patient. Focusing on patient-reported outcomes in this way can help improve individual self-management and shared decision-making on issues important to patients and providers.

5:15 pm – 6:00 pm Information to Action Orientation & Q/A Session

Like most AFHTO members, you and your team are probably collecting a lot of data and looking at a lot of reports.  And like most AFHTO members, what you REALLY want to be doing is making life better for your patients and maybe even yourself.  This session will outline a new support service being rolled out for a small group of interested AFHTO members to help them move beyond measurement to improvement in outcomes that matter to them.  EDs and other interested team members will join physicians to consider whether they are ready to sign up for this support.