Concurrent Sessions

CD4 – Nothing about them without them: Creating a meaningful Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC)

Theme 4. The “How to” stream

Presentation Details

  • Date: Thursday October 25, 2018
  • Concurrent Session C & D
  • Time: 8:45-10:30am
  • Room:
  • Style: Workshop (session is structure for interaction and/or hands-on learning opportunities)
  • Focus: Practical (e.g. Presentation on how to implement programs and/or practices in the team environment)
  • Target Audience: Leadership (ED, clinical lead, board chair, board member, etc.), Clinical providers, Administrative staff, Representatives of stakeholder/partner organizations

Learning Objectives

In this workshop, you will build a road map to establishing an effective and meaningful PFAC at your FHT / NP led clinic. We will help you navigate and distill the considerable amount of existing patient engagement material, help identify the resources your team will need, and make a plan that considers your team’s distinct characteristics. Our staff and patient facilitators will share pearls and lessons learned along the way and work with you to ensure your process is meaningful to both staff and patients.


Patient engagement is at the forefront of healthcare transformation in Ontario. In December 2016, Ontario passed the Patients First Act to “help ensure patients are at the centre of the health care system.” One way to include the patient voice in planning and decision-making at your FHT or NP led clinic is to establish a Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC). But what does that mean for your team and what is involved? At this interactive workshop, PFAC members and staff from the Sunnybrook Academic Family Health team will walk you through the nuts and bolts of establishing a meaningful PFAC, from the initial idea to the first PFAC recommendations. How do you get buy-in from your staff? What resources are required? How much planning is involved? What do you need to consider in order for the PFAC to be successful? How do you recruit effective council members and what do they need from you? We will share our stumbles and success stories and advise as best we can as you take into consideration your team’s unique circumstances.


  • Ingrid Wirsig, Program Coordinator / PFAC Staff Liaison, Program Coordinator / PFAC Staff Liaison
  • Leigh Caplan, Diabetes Nurse Educator, Sunnybrook Academic Family Health Team
  • Corrie Procak, Administrative Assistant, Sunnybrook Diabetes Education Program
  • Shelby Riskin, PFAC Chair, Sunnybrook Academic Family Health Team
  • Candice Hulley, PFAC Member, Sunnybrook Academic Family Health Team

Authors & Contributors

  • Andrea David, Family Physician, Division Director, Sunnybrook Academic Family Health Team
  • Debbie Elman, Family Physician, Quality Lead, Sunnybrook Academic Family Health Team
  • Faina Stoliar Ben-David, Social Worker, Sunnybrook Academic Family Health Team
  • Nicky Moore, Office Coordinator, Sunnybrook Academic Family Health Team
  • Tracy Hussey, Executive Director, Sunnybrook Academic Family Health Team