Concurrent Sessions

A6 – Improving Quality Together

Theme 6. The future of the regional approach to healthcare

Presentation Details

  • Date: Wednesday, October 24, 2018
  • Concurrent Session A
  • Time: 2:30 – 3:15pm
  • Room: Pier 4 & 5
  • Style: Presentation (information provided to audience, with opportunity for audience to ask question)
  • Focus: Practical (e.g. Presentation on how to implement programs and/or practices in the team environment)
  • Target Audience: Leadership (ED, clinical lead, board chair, board member, etc.), Clinical providers

Learning Objectives

The presentation will review a joint Quality Improvement Plan initiative between two rural Family Health Teams, and their local hospital organization.  It will demonstrate how the project has strengthened the partnership between the organizations, and how it has and continues to change the way they now work together operationally to improve the care they provide.  It will show how organizations can work together as a LHIN sub region to improve outcomes.


The North Perth Family Health Team, North Huron Family Health Team and Listowel Wingham Hospital Alliance  embarked on a joint quality improvement initiative beginning in 2016/17.  The project was targeted at reducing the readmission rates for COPD patients discharged from the hospital.  The project’s improvement outcomes were two-fold.  First the organizations were able to complete all of their change ideas and strengthen their Lung Health program.  Change ideas included staff education (hospital and primary care), booking of follow-up appointments at time of discharge, and implementation of order sets and care pathways in the hospital setting.  As a second outcome, the project strengthened partnerships between staff at various levels within the organizations and has set a foundation for continuous joint quality improvement.    The presentation will review how these organizations operationally work together as a LHIN sub region and will review the enablers to this (which includes but isn’t limited to): Joint I.T. infrastructure and data sharing agreement, governance partnerships, FHT Quality Committee accountabilities , Decision Support partnership, and alignment of FHT programs.  It will review these enablers, using the joint COPD project as an example.


  • Lindsay McGee, Quality Manager / QIDSS, NHFHT / NPFHT
  • James Brown, Clinical Pharmacist: BSc Phm RPh CDE CRE, NHFHT
  • Joanne Fox, Clinical Pharmacist: Pharm D, BScPhm, Clinical Pharmacist
  • Christine Reyes, RN, Coordinator of Professional Practice LWHA

Authors & Contributors

  • Heidi Dupuis, Decision Support, LWHA
  • Ainsley Morrison, Patient Experience Coordinator, LWHA
  • Christine Reyes, Professional Practice Coordinator, LWHA